Cornerstone Association of REALTORS® Elects Julie Sergi as Chair to Lead New 9,000-Member Organization

“I am thrilled and honoured to have been elected as the Chair of the Cornerstone Association of REALTORS®,” said Julie Sergi. “Our goal is to be a transformative force in the real estate sector, surpassing the sum of our individual parts. The local Realtor is our North Star, and community will be everything for us. This is just the beginning of our exciting journey, and we can’t wait to evolve and grow with our members as we build a brighter future for Realtors together.”

MREB Members Approve Amalgamating with RAHB, WRAR and SDREB to Form Cornerstone Association of REALTORS® on July 1, 2024

“This momentous vote brings our members one step closer to belonging to Cornerstone Association of REALTORS®, a new Association poised to provide the tools REALTORS® want and need,” says Christal Moura, President of WRAR. “By harnessing the power of collaboration, the new organization will strengthen and empower REALTORS® with technology providers, consumers, government, and other stakeholders.”