Welcome to OTERR!

OTERR is the Out of Town Electronic REALTOR® Registration service developed in collaboration between the Waterloo Region Association of REALTORS® (WRAR), the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB), and SentriLock. It is designed to eliminate barriers and facilitate REALTOR® access to MLS® listed properties secured by a SentriLock/SentriGuard® lockbox.   

With a monthly, quarterly, or annual Subscription, out-of-town REALTORS® will receive full access to the same SentriKey® app used by local REALTORS® to access lockboxes – no more waiting for access codes or SentriConnect granting!

The OTERR program will also allow the out-of-town REALTORS® to purchase a SentriLock lockbox from WRAR to use on their own listings.

Who Can Use OTERR

TRREB members who do not belong to a real estate board that uses SentriLock.  OTTER subscribers must be REALTOR® members with CREA.

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What Are the Benefits of OTERR?

OTERR provides out-of-area agents with improved access to the SentriLock lockboxes while also ensuring the highest standards of security for their clients.

  • By subscribing to OTERR you will receive access to the SentriKey app (the same app used by members of SentriLock boards)
  • It provides out-of-area REALTORS® with the same level of access to local listings as if you were a member of Waterloo Region, Guelph, Barrie, and Niagara!
    • Listing agents just have to approve the appointment – no additional configuration is required.
  • One-time account creation
  • Need only to book the showing.
  • No longer need to wait for access code or SentriConnect granting. 
  • Listing agents have peace of mind that you are a verified REALTOR® and receive confirmation of your lockbox usage.

Which Boards Use OTERR?

OTERR is operated by WRAR with reciprocal agreements in place that provide OTERR subscribers with identical access, rights and obligations to the lockboxes used by members of the following boards:

  • Barrie & District Association of REALTORS®
  • Guelph District Association of REALTORS®
  • Niagara Association of REALTORS®
  • Waterloo Region Association of REALTORS®
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Get Started Today!

Subscribe to the OTERR program to serve your clients across a larger Ontario area! To register for this program, you must access a link through the Toronto MLS® landing page at www.torontomls.net. Click the link below for more detailed instructions.

FAQ for Out-of-Area REALTORS®

How Quickly can I subscribe to OTERR and have access to the SentriKey app?

It can take up to two business days after your broker has approved your application for you to receive access.


We strongly encourage Out-of-Town REALTORS® to enroll in this program prior to needing access to avoid any delays in showings.

Is OTERR secure?

Yes. The only way to register for the OTERR program is from within the TRREB MLS® System which validates you. Then once you have completed the information your Broker Manager will be notified to review and approve the application for you to use SentriKey.

Is an OTERR subscription mandatory for out-of-town agents?

Not yet. But it will be soon.

By subscribing today, you will be well on your way to better professionalism in all your showings using SentriKey.

What problems does OTERR solve for its users?
  • The application will keep the user “logged in” all the time, which solved the need to remember your user ID and Password every time you need to use the app.
  • OTERR helps to eliminate the worry of running late and having to ask for another SentriConnect Access to be granted or wait for a One-Day-Code because of traffic. OTERR Subscribers can simply communicate with the listing REALTOR® that they are running late.
Why don't WRAR members use mechanical lockboxes instead of SentriLock electronic lockboxes?
  • Mechanical lockboxes are a convenience for registrants, but WRAR REALTORS® are committed to offering their clients the greatest service and security available
  • In 2018, WRAR rolled out SentriLock electronic real estate lockboxes because our members wanted the most secure system for their clients and a higher level of accountability and professionalism.
  • Mechanical lockboxes do not provide the standard of service and care required to meet the professional standards of REALTORS®.
  • In a June 15, 2018 Bulletin, RECO urges registrants to take advantage of advanced technology that identifies the parties who access the property, the time and duration of the visit, and secure and automatic code changes. This is not possible with mechanical lock boxes.
  • RECO expects registrants to change lockbox codes within 72 hours of being issued.
Can OTERR Subscribers use the SentriConnect app in non-OTERR areas?

Yes, but each subscriber must use a separate wireless phone number and email address for each app.  One for OTERR and one for SentriConnect.

How do I use SentriKey?

Once your OTERR application has been approved, you must download the SentriKey Real Estate application from either the App Store for IOS devices or Play Store for Android devices. If you need assistance downloading the SentriKey Wireless App, please select one of the links below.

The app supports both Bluetooth® wireless technology and Near Field Communication (NFC).

If you need assistance learning how to open the lockbox, please watch the videos available through the links below:

Sentrilock provides many resources, training, and support available here: https://www.sentrilock.com/support/ 

WRAR has also created this simple guide (Welcome to OTERR’s SentriKey Real Estate App) which you can review here.



What about the SentriConnect app? Can’t out-of-area REALTORS® just use that for free?

In theory they can, but practice has shown that some REALTORS® struggle with SentriConnect and find it frustrating, prone to mistakes and time consuming. For the Listing Agent, there are more steps involved approving SentriConnect appointments than there is for SentriKey. While SentriConnect is still better than using one-day codes, it is not near as slick as the SentriKey app.   

Why can't I just have a one-day code?

Some offices have restricted their Listing Agents from providing one day codes because they take the security of their client’s property seriously. Unfortunately, one-day codes have been abused by showing agents who have sent their buyers to view properties unaccompanied or outside of the appointed showing time.

Showing agents should not expect or demand one-day codes. They are used at the discretion of the listing agent, as a last resort, and in special circumstances. Listing Agents are under no obligation to provide Cooperating Agents a one-day code!

I only need to show one property in Waterloo Region, do I still need SentriKey?

If you are showing one property, chances are you will soon be showing another in one of the four participating OTERR areas. It is strongly recommended that you make life easier for yourself and the REALTORS® you are cooperating with, by subscribing to OTERR and becoming a SentriKey user.

Once WRAR makes OTERR mandatory then yes, you will need the SentriKey account.


As an OTERR subscriber, where can I purchase a SentriLock or SentriGuard lockbox?

SentriGuard® lockboxes may be purchased directly through WRAR. 

How do I get support for SentriKey?

SentriKey Showing Service Support can be reached by email at showings@sentrilock.com or by phone at (877) 556 – 6114 (Canada).

For more information, visit: https://www.sentrilock.com/support/

FAQ for WRAR Members

How does the OTERR program benefit existing WRAR Members?

The OTERR system can benefit WRAR members by providing a much more convenient way for TREBB members to access member listings using SentriKey, the same app you use. This can help eliminate phone calls at the door and make the showing confirmation process easier for all parties involved.

Additionally, the subscription model for OTERR requires approval from the out-of-town REALTOR’s Broker of Record, which helps ensure that all subscribing agents are active and authorized to access member listings.

Is Registration Required for Out-of-Area REALTORS® to complete a showing?

If an out-of-town REALTOR® is showing multiple properties or working with multiple clients in one or more of the OTERR reciprocal board areas (Barrie, Guelph, Niagara, Waterloo), it is strongly recommended that they subscribe to the OTERR service so that they have the SentriKey app. Subscriptions are available on either a monthly, quarterly, or annual payment format.

WRAR is working towards making OTERR (SentriKey) mandatory to reduce the stress on members by cooperating agents requesting one-day codes or refusing to download the SentriConnect app.

What do I do if an Out-of-Area REALTOR® does not want to subscribe?

If an out-of-area REALTOR® does not want to subscribe, then they need to use the SentriConnect app, which they can download for free.

Where do I direct an OTERR Subscriber (SentriKey user) if they need technical support?

OTERR Subscribers have the same access to SentriLock Technical Support as WRAR Members. Feel free to direct them to contact SentriLock Support.

How Quickly can an Out-of-Area REALTOR® Subscribe to OTERR and have the SentriKey app?

It can take up to two business days after their broker has approved their application. We strongly encourage Out-of-Town REALTORS® to enroll in this program prior to needing it.

Note: Until they have the SentriKey app, the out-of-town REALTOR® needs to use SentriConnect.

How will I know if the Out-of-Area REALTOR® is an OTERR Subscriber?

Ask the REALTOR® If they are paying to have the SentriKey app (this is different from the free SentriConnect app). If they don’t know, look for their name in the SentriKey Website.

Are OTERR Subscribers expected to pay for this service?

Yes, OTERR is a paid subscription available on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. The monthly rate ranges from $15 to $25, and the annual rate is $180. These fees are set on a cost-recovery basis.

When will the OTERR Subscription be mandatory for all Out-of-Area REALTORS®?

The full launch date will soon be announced.  Until a date is finalized, subscription is heavily encouraged, but not required.

Do I have to provide Showing Agents with a one-day code?

No. There is nothing requiring you to provide Showing Agents with a one-day code.

Additional Resource for WRAR Members

Looking for a quick OTERR guide to send to your out-of-area cooperating agent? Download the guide linked below!



$ 25
  • Billed Monthly


Save 40%
$ 15
  • $180 Billed Annually


Save 20%
$ 20
  • $60 Billed Quarterly

Get Started Today!

Subscribe to the OTERR program to serve your clients across a larger Ontario area! To register for this program, you must access a link through the Toronto MLS® landing page at www.torontomls.net. Click the link below for more detailed instructions.

If you have any additional questions, please email oterr@wrar.ca.